Dharma Products

Incense and light are two important offerings that devotees traditionally make to the buddhas and bodhisattvas. For the sake of convenience, however, modern people often resort to electronic lights. In addition to this, today's candles and incense sticks more often than not contain harmful chemicals, which are hazardous for the user's health and inappropriate to be used as offerings. The use of such poor quality products can therefore become an obstacle to practitioners. This is the reason that prompted Rinpoche to inspire the dharma center’s endeavor to make very natural and wholesome products available for our use.

100% natural candles

To this end, on creating a natural offering candle, many monks, nuns and oil professionals were asked their opinions on ways to proceed. Many trials were made using a variety of materials, which were then tested. The 100% natural products that are now used at the center are the result of this process of trial, error and adjustment.
The candles are 100% plant-based. No animal products whatsoever are used, and nor is wax. Therefore, the candles produce no smoke. Some manufacturers will mix metals into the wicks to prolong burning time, but the wicks of these candles are 100% cotton.

100% natural Bhutanese incense

The incense used at Rinpoche’s centers is made entirely up of Himalayan herbs grown in a very clean and pure environment in Bhutan. The incense makers are all from Bhutan and the incense – the ingredient list for each kind of incense is especially ordered by Rinpoche - is produced according to traditional protocol and ceremony. The incense has been verified by SGS as completely chemical-free and 100% natural.

Both the candles and incense are offered in daily practices at Rinpoche’s centers, and are kept burning 24 hours a day during important practice times such as the Lunar New Year and Tibetan New Year.