About the “Hong Kong Dharma Center”

Shang Rinpoche

Introduction to the association

Shang Rinpoche’s Dharma activities are mainly based in Taiwan. However, over the last 20 years, he has established active centers in nearby Hong Kong and is invited there regularly by a group of dedicated students. In recent times, Rinpoche has made increased efforts to promote Dharma activities there. His students in Hong Kong, relying on his spiritual guidance, are dedicated to preserving and sharing the wisdom of Buddhist teachings. They invite Shang Rinpoche to Hong Kong in order to bring benefit to anyone who has a connection with his teachings.

The Students
Shang Rinpoche

Students of Shang Rinpoche in Hong Kong vary anywhere from beginner to experienced and come from all walks of life. Rinpoche has inspired a dedicated group of students who are actively practicing the Buddhist teachings, despite being overseas and not being able to meet Rinpoche regularly. Weekly audiences for Shang Rinpoche’s Zen and Tibetan Buddhist classes gather to watch live streams of the classes and have the chance to ask questions directly following lectures. They also pay regular visits to Taiwan in order to receive teachings and attend events organized in Taiwan.

The Center

A center in the heart of the city is maintained by volunteer students. The center holds lectures, Dharma gatherings and serves as a place for students to meet and organize their charitable outreach programs. Various centers have housed Hong Kong students over the years becoming larger each year in order to accommodate the ever-growing number of students. The most recent center is the biggest one to date.


Through the guidance of Rinpoche, students in Hong Kong have recently increased their activities and have held large-scale public Dharma events. Recent events have been growing in popularity and have drawn crowds of over 1000 people. Past events include:

✦ Weekly live streams of Shang Rinpoche’s Tibetan and Zen classes
✦ Dharma ceremonies (Smoke offering, Dharma Transmissions, Benediction ceremony, etc.)

✦ Indoors stupa with Buddha relics featuring multi-media projections
Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche

✦ Polytechnic University of Design seminar on creativity: "In the Moment: Design & Creativity"
Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche

✦ Dharma talk and Q&A sessions with Shang Rinpoche
Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche Shang Rinpoche
✦ Charitable outreach programs (elderly people, stray animals, etc.)