International Tours

Shang Rinpoche has traveled extensively throughout the world to spread the Dharma. In recent times, he has lead trips to many countries throughout the East. These have included Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

2014 was a busy year with many international trips. The latest trip was a large trip to Melbourne, Australia. It included a visit to a local temple as well as various talks to many local residents.

Monks and laypeople prepare for Shang Rinpoche's arrival in Melbourne, Australia 2014

Shang Rinpoche's presentation in Melbourne, Australia, 2014

shang rinpoche

Also in 2014 was a trip to Kyoto. Rinpoche's travels here included a trip to a famous Ken Temple where Rinpoche's Taiwanese and International students participated alongside Japanese monks and lay practitioners in a large Dharma transmission.

Dharma Transmission by Shang Longrik Gyatso Rinpoche in Kyoto, 2014

Shang Longrik Gyatso Rinpoche's students in Kyoto 2014

As Rinpoche has many students in Hong Kong, he travels there extensively to teach and transmit the Dharma. In 2014, he also visited there to give a talk on creativity and his audience included Hong Kong students and many others with backgrounds in art and design.

Dharma Transmission in Hong Kong, 2014

Talk in Hong Kong, 2014

Shang Rinpoche's Talk on Creativity in Hong Kong, 2013